December 25, 2018

Getting Started

This is a starter template for creating a beautiful, customizable blog with minimal effort. You’ll only have to change a few settings and you’re ready to go.


January 16, 2014

Gotta Start Somewhere

In an earlier post, I wrote about my plan to start a solo project that encompasses a wide range of technologies, largely as a learning experience. And you've gotta start somewhere. First, I had to...


January 8, 2014

HHVM and PHP: Int Max Behavior

Today, Anthony Ferrara mentioned some strange behaviors about the differences between HHVM and PHP runtimes. If you haven't heard of HHVM, definitely go check it out. It is a PHP execution engine...


January 6, 2014

In The Beginning...

I've worked on a number of different projects in my career. Many have been school projects with students during my time at RIT. Some have been projects during my tenure as Webmaster/Chief Engineer at...