January 16, 2014

PHP dotenv in Laravel

I just discovered that Taylor has built in .env file loading into core. By adding a file of type .env.{environment}.php to the root of your application, it will be autoloaded by Laravel...


January 26, 2014

Quick, Explicit Route::resource

Laravel provides some excellent helpers for setting up routes in your web application. And when building RESTful and resourceful applications in Laravel, there is a helper,...


January 29, 2015

StaticShowdown 2014

Rob, a classmate and good friend of mine, invited me to work with him and a few coworkers on their StaticShowdown team. He sent me the link, and I almost immediately replied yes. I'd never done a...


October 14, 2015

Tests Don't Make Bad Code Good

Another day, another back and forth discussion on Twitter about the merits of software development. This morning, the topic was testing, and if having untested code inherently makes that code bad....